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Check out the current City Dog stories on Quotev by our lovely members! Links to the stories will be on the sidebar! Feel free to write one as well, just make sure you credit characters to their rightful owners and Keyword it (Tag) City Dogs!!

Need help finding a dog breed? Choose from here:  Dog Breed Library

I (as in site owner) Will be offering to draw your character! if your an admin I will draw it for you if you want, if your a member all you gotta do is bring  1 member to the site! Got it?

City Dogs is a  dog roleplay based off of NOTHING!!! It started out 2011 in November, so it's back now. It's  pretty old site and soon we will be clebrating our first Anniversity!!! But first some news (some is on the sidebar.)

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City Dog Quotev Stories

Make sure you inbox the url link to either Phoenix (Pho Pho) or the site owner. You will have to create an account before you can actually create a story.

Phoenix's story

Saige's story

Renovation is still under process.

Also, the site has become very inactive. Feel free to advertise, advertise, advertise! I belive this is not its time to be shut down once again!

If you are experiencing problems with other members, shoutboxes, or anything else, please contact the co-owner(s) if the owner is not available.

Also, please keep content too mature out of the site. I do not want realistic mating in the shoutboxes where people are roleplaying in. Please stick to the relationships page for that. If it gets out of hand...please do t in inbox instead of in the public. Thank you.

Any ideas for the site? Please PM administrators and/or the site owner. We will be glad to make this site better than yesterday :)

Upcoming events!

There are currenly no city events.

There are currently no gang events.